WilliamsGautier Consulting, LLC

From information technology concerns and loan programs, to member experience and board governance, the most successful Credit Unions understand that an unwavering focus on innovation and a willingness to explore new ideas/programs is not simply a choice—it’s a necessity.

In addition, even the most traditional Credit Union operations and business decisions can— and with increasing reliance upon technology, usually do— have legal ramifications. Identifying these potential ramifications early and adopting not just a proactive approach, but also a real, integrated business/legal process that everyone in your organization actually understands is imperative. This allows you to move faster, implement new programs and plans with confidence, and fully realize upon opportunities in your market/membership base. Real experience, real direction and real talk that everyone in your organization (and board) can and will understand to help you maximize growth potential, without sacrificing member service quality or risk considerations.

By taking the skill of legal professionals who have focused on, and provided representation to, hundreds of Credit Unions for more than thirty years, paired with the experience of successful Credit Union industry leaders who know first-hand what it entails to implement growth-focused programs, WilliamsGautier Consulting, LLC (“WGC”) provides Credit Union clients with a knowledge-base and approach that is simply unmatched in the financial services consulting industry. In partnership with WGC, our Credit Union clients are able to utilize this unique fusion of deep industry, institutional and legal knowledge in areas including, but not limited to:

Indirect Lending
Member Business Lending (Including Member Experience)
Construction Lending
Board Training/Governance
Strategic Planning